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Pappardelle - Ancient Grains Blend

Pappardelle - Ancient Grains Blend

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Artisan pasta Pappardelle - Blend of Ancient Grains

Product Description:

Our artisanal Pappardelle are an authentic delight for lovers of high quality pasta. Made with care and passion, this unique pasta is made with a fine blend of ancient grains, selected for their quality and distinctive flavour.

What makes our pasta even more special is that it contains natural gluten, making it suitable even for those who have a gluten intolerance. You will be able to enjoy the pleasure of pasta without worries, maintaining the lightness and goodness you expect.

Our artisanal pasta is produced using traditional techniques and with scrupulous attention to detail. Each piece of pasta is carefully crafted to ensure an al dente consistency and impeccable taste. Our dedication to craftsmanship results in superior quality pasta that will not disappoint your expectations.

Choose our artisanal Pappardelle to create unforgettable dishes and satisfy even the most demanding palates. Experience the goodness of a blend of GMO gluten-free ancient grains and enjoy every bite of this Sicilian delicacy. Add it to your cart today and discover the true taste of artisanal pasta.

Available in different aromas:

- Natural




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